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BJJ in Oxford. We are a martial arts school based in Oxford. We offer martial arts for women and men.

Welcome to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Oxford where we are passionate about teaching BJJ to the people of Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas. Its never been easier to get into martial arts in Oxford

We want to be the best BJJ club in Oxford while offering affordable prices to increase the accessibility of jiu jitsu to as many people as possible   

If you want to learn a modern martial art that uses leverage, chokes and joint locks to subdue an opponent or attacker, this may be the martial art for you. You won’t find better BJJ in Oxford than here!

The club currently teaches classes for adults, all the classes are mixed so are suitable for both women and men. We currently don’t have classes for children but hopefully that will be something for the future

We also have a women’s only class ran by instructor Barbara Hale, with the goal of getting more women in the Oxford area into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, self defence and the martial arts.

If you’re not sure if BJJ is the sport for you don’t worry, we offer the first class you take as a free trial class so you can see what you think first.

So, don’t be shy come and learn from people who have dedicated their lives to Brazilian jiu jitsu. We have a black belt instructor who has a wealth of teaching and competition experience and is used to coaching from brand new beginners to elite level competitors.