European Championship Wins

Jiu-Jitsu Republic Oxford recently made their debut at the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) European Championships, and they didn’t disappoint. Despite forming only a year and a half ago, the team managed to take six athletes to the tournament and returned with seven medals, an impressive 100% medal rate.

The team’s success at the tournament is a testament to their hard work and dedication. All the athletes, Enzo, Barbara, Lee, Zoe, Scott, and Andy, should be extremely proud of themselves. They represented Jiu Jitsu Republic with honor and distinction, and their performance has put the team on the map.

Enzo, competing in the Rooster category in the Adult White Belt division, earned himself a Bronze medal. Barbara, competing in the Light Feather category in the Adult Brown Belt division, also won a Bronze medal. Lee, competing in the Feather category in the Master 1 Black Belt division, won a Bronze medal as well.

Zoe, competing in the Middle category in the Master 2 Blue Belt division, was the standout performer for the team, winning two Gold medals. She also won the Absolute category in the Master 2 division. Scott, competing in the Light category in the Master 5 division, also won a Gold medal. Andy, competing in the Light category in the Master 6 division, won a Gold medal as well.

The IBJJF European Championships is the biggest tournament in Europe, and for Jiu-Jitsu Republic Oxford to come away with a 100% medal rate is an outstanding achievement. The team’s success at the tournament will no doubt motivate them to continue working hard and striving for more success in the future.

Congratulations to the entire team on a job well done!

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