"Definitely best in town! High level jiu jitsu, really nice people, traveller friendly, no matter what belt/experience. Good atmosphere and instructions for women/smaller people as well."

Oxford BJJ Fundamentals Class

The fundamentals class teaches the core techniques of BJJ that every practitioner should have as the foundation of their game. The fundamentals class is ideal for white belts as this is where you will develop your core technique. Unlike the beginners class, this class also starts to introduce some intermediate techniques.

If possible, it is recommended that your first ever class is the beginners class so that you get an idea of how the warm-ups and sparring work. If the beginners class does not suit your schedule, then the fundamentals is the next best option.

Best for: 

  • White belt to black belt

Class Goals:

  • Continue to develop core fundamental techniques
  • Introduce students to some intermediate techniques

Curriculum includes:

  • Attacks, defence and escapes from all positions
  • Basic partner drills
  • Chaining techniques to develop an overall game
  • More sparring than beginner’s class
  • Positional and full sparring