"The team is very supportive and friendly, but also very skilled, and hard-working . I learned so much from everyone, and quickly felt like part of the team, even getting to travel to the Euros with them, which was a blast!"

Oxford BJJ Intermediate Class

The intermediate class is aimed at coloured belt students but is suitable for anyone with at least couple months worth of experience , the class is structured in a way that there will be very little explanation of basics such as the warm up, or how sparring works. That being said, white belts are still encouraged to attend these classes.

The class will cover intermediate to advanced techniques and modern guards. It aims to allow the student to fully develop a game that works for them and their individual strengths/weaknesses.

Best for: 

  • White (2 stripe) to black belts

Class Goals:

  • Allow student to develop their own individual game
  • Develop advanced techniques and modern guards
  • Develop a more complete game

Curriculum includes:

    • Intermediate to advanced techniques
    • Advanced partner drills
    • Advanced positional sparring and full sparring