Mid-day Class

"I visited the Jiu-jitsu Republic In Oxford while travelling for work. I was instantly made welcome and part of the team. The instruction of the techniques was detailed and taught in a way that was easy to understand and comprehend. I highly recommend dropping in if you're visiting Oxford."

BJJ Oxford day class

Come join us at Jiu-Jitsu Republic for our mid-day Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, perfect for all skill levels from first-day beginners to advanced BJJ practitioners. We recognise that many individuals have daytime work commitments, which is why we offer the flexibility to arrive late or leave early as needed to accommodate your schedule.

Our weekday mid-day classes are held at a separate location from our other classes, at the dojo located in the South Oxford Community Center. Please take note of the address if you plan on attending:


The Dojo
South Oxford Community Centrer                              

Best for: 

  • All levels

Class Goals:

  • Provide daytime BJJ training in Oxford

Curriculum includes:

  • Attacks, defence and escapes from all positions
  • Basic partner drills
  • Chaining techniques to develop an overall game
  • Positional and full sparring