"Really friendly gym. I was only there for a month whilst I was back home from university but it was really easy to get straight into it. Everyone was welcoming and eager to learn or help you improve. "

Oxford No gi

The no-gi submission grappling class at our Oxford facility caters to practitioners of all levels, creating a dynamic environment where beginners and experienced grapplers alike can thrive. Whether you’re just starting your journey in submission grappling or looking to refine your skills, this class offers something for everyone.

Geared towards providing a comprehensive exploration of no-gi techniques, the curriculum covers a wide range of fundamental and advanced maneuvers. From mastering takedowns to perfecting submissions, participants can expect to enhance their grappling proficiency in a supportive and inclusive setting.

Best for:

  • White belts through black belts

Class Goals:

  • Foster a welcoming environment for practitioners of all levels
  • Provide comprehensive instruction in no-gi submission grappling techniques
  • Support skill development and progression for all participants

Curriculum includes:

  • Fundamental and advanced no-gi techniques
  • Opportunities for positional and full sparring sessions

Join us at Jiu-Jitsu Republic Oxford and experience the excitement of no-gi submission grappling in a supportive and inclusive community!