"Super friendly club and very welcoming to everyone who comes in. Great coaches and a nice mix of students, visitors and others. Coaches are very technical and always willing to talk through moves and help you adapt them to your style and body type"

BJJ Oxford No Gi Class

The no-gi class is open to all levels and focuses on grappling without the use of the kimono. The class currently follows the same rules as the gi class (i.e. no reaping/heel hooks). The class also includes some wrestling to improve students stand up game.

Best for: 

  • All belt levels welcome

Class Goals:

  • Learn to grapple without the use of the kimono
  • Learn take-downs
  • Improve overall grappling skills

Curriculum includes:

  • Basic wrestling
  • Sparring from standing
  • Instruction on all levels of jiu jitsu technique