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Super happy to say that Jiu-Jitsu Republic Oxford will be returning to training from Monday the 2nd of August. We will be in a new venue that can host us seven days a week and has a larger space than we had in the pavilion.

We also have 108sqm of brand new roll out mats, so there will be much less lugging tatami around and the set up time will be greatly reduced.

As well as extending the timetable to seven days a week, we will also be able to run double classes on most weekdays.

With more classes on the timetable we are now able to teach specific beginners, fundamentals, intermediate, advanced and no-gi classes. There are no restrictions on which classes people can attend but check out the classes section for a guide to which classes would be best for you.

Hopefully this is the first step towards bringing elite level jiu jitsu to Oxford City

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