Women’s Only

Women's martial arts Oxford

"The classes are run in a friendly and fun atmosphere, and the coaching is outstanding. If you have not tried BJJ yet, you should… it will make you stronger both mentally and physically."

BJJ Oxford Women Only Class
BJJ Oxford Girls

Regardless if are interested in fitness, sports jiu jitsu or self defence, this class adjusts to meet any specific needs and goals you may have.

The class is taught by Barbara Hale, a known competitor on the UK scene with high level achievements such as winning the 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Slam.

The women’s only class is part of the normal membership or has its own membership if you do not plan on doing mixed classes. 

Best for: 

  • All belt levels welcome

Class Goals:

  • Introduce students to all positions and situations
  • Build coordination and learn movement unique to BJJ
  • Understand the fundamental concept of BJJ (technique over strength)
  • Learn to spar in a safe, fun environment
  • Expand the number of women training BJJ in Oxford

Curriculum includes:

  • Beginner friendly structure
  • Basic techniques
  • Movement/mobility exercises
  • Introduction to positional sparring
  • Great introduction to martial arts/ self defence for women